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It's unfortunate that your company has inconsistent support. Last year I spoke with a very nice girl in the Escalations Department, who set me up with the 2-year price lock plan of $29.95/month and she explained to me that after the two years that plan would go up to $49.95/month. I agreed to that 2-year PRICE LOCK plan. After a year (not two, as promised) my price went up to that $49.95/month plan. I called to ask a support rep about this and... Read more

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This company is the biggest and largest joke of almost any company out there these days. They lie, are shady, never get things done when they say they will and have a bunch of clowns working for them. If you want an experience with the worst and sorriest excuse of a circus imaginable, then this company is for you. But if you want a reliable and trustworthy Internet company and reliable service RUN like your life depends on it and don't ever look... Read more

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Almost 5 years ago I signed a contract with TDS. I was leaving a different company and getting a better price with TDS. I wasn't able to sign up for Charter since it was not available to my building. One year ago, Charter finally ran cable to my building. The price to get the service would be about half the cost of my current TDS contract. I called my rep to ask them if they would at least match Charters price, if not, how much would it be to... Read more

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More that 4 times I've lost service and called for a ticket number for repair. They schedule a time for the tech to come out, a 4 hour window, and he or she never shows up, never calls to cancel, or attempts in any way to communicate there may be a delay. I call to ask the status of the repair tickets and I'm told the tickets were closed. This is politics as usual, deceitful, dishonest, substandard, service. The least I would expect is a call to... Read more

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I left TDS because the area that I was moving to was not serviced by TDS. Thanks God I no longer have to deal with these morons! I went to pay my final bill (which they could not explain) online and was locked out. Called and got someone from a third world country who said that they would charge me $ 3.95 to make a payment over the phone. I told them to unlock my account so that I could make the payment online and they said they cannot do... Read more

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I have been in the phone business retired after 32 years, and have been hundred percent customer service. TDS has the worst customer service of any company i have ever delt with. I called because i have no tv guide and major audio problems, they sent me to where they fix the problems, after 45 minutes they knocked my service out and told me they would send a tech out in 4 days to fix.i told the tech on the other end that wasnt exceptabale, his... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 23
  • #887350

TDS is horrible I have an assignment due and my internet is down. Ive made phone calls about it theyve told me that im in a high volume area which is not my problem. I pay for a specific service that TDS offers and they cant even maintain it. It sucks because it my only option of internet service due to living on post. Im considering moving off post because of this issue.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 20
  • #885915

This company is a joke, they are dishonest, treat there good customers like ***, charge for service that does not work, you pay for speeds you do not get. The bad thing for me is I live in a small town in Elgin Oklahoma and they are all thats here. To whoever reads this, stay away from this company, run the other way, go with somebody else.

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I have had it with this crappy internet service I am receiving from TDS internet, I think that in 1982 I had better service with dial up 300 baud service. Yes back in the BBS days.. I pay good money for this bad service and I know that the greedy company just keeps selling their high speed internet service in my area knowing that they already over sold the available bandwidth, but they don't care because they know they are the only service... Read more

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tdstelecom is our only source of "high speed internet" We pay 50+ dollars a month for crappy service and speed up to 5 mgps, but mostly we get less than 1, when it's not busy. I try to log on and it's like a 10 party line....busy...mostly or night. This company has our local phone system also. Their tech service is in the Bahama's and is lousy. They don't give a *** because their doesn't seem to be anything or anyone that monitors... Read more

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