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I have had TDS for a few years now and have nothing but problems. Last night I was getting speeds of 72kbps when I am paying for 5mbps. They say its up to 5 megs but they only do that so they don't get in trouble with the FCC which I have filed a complaint. I have friends who have comcast who get 50mbps and are paying the same as me. They have 1 node in my town which is over capacity and since they released fiber in the next town over they have...
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I didn't like
  • Unreliable
  • Slow speeds

I've had TDS Telecom DSL internet for 10 years. I pay for 12 or 15mbps and have not had anywhere near that speed except when I've contacted tech a handful of times over the years but the speed never lasted. I finally filed a complaint with the FCC a month ago and decided to check my speed recently and I have had near 12mbsp for speed the last couple of times I've checked. I suggest you do the same to see if it helps you out also! I have...
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Anonymous TDS is full of ***.
They will oversell the areas they serve while they reduce your speeds. But they will charge you full price for the same package even though you will ne...


Anonymous How do you complain to the FCC? Ours won't even register on the speed test! I am so sick of paying for something that is barely has usability.